MONTAVAR metalna lola

The basic activity of the company Montavar d.o.o. Beograd is the production of machine tools, welded steel constructions, provision of machine treatment services, design and production of machine equipment, as well as spare parts for hydro and thermal power plants.

Our production facilities cover an area of around 41,000 m2 and are located in two production halls of the former factory for production of machine tools “Ivo Lola Ribar” in Železnik. Besides a wide spectrum of milling machines, drills, lathes, we also have a hardening shop, a new sandblasting shop and a state of the art plant for steel sheet metal cutting.

Montavar d.o.o. Beograd employs 130 people, whereby around 2/3 of this number are directly employed in production.

We invest continuously into equipment modernisation and staff training. We have a prestigeous welding school, which has been successfullly attended to date by over 80 welders. Many of them are working throughout Europe nowadays on the most demanding constructions such as those found in nuclear and hydro plants.

We proudly point out that machine tools, such as horizontal drill milling machines, vertical lathes, hydraulic or mechanical presses, manufactured in our facilities, satisfy quality criteria of the renowned west European market.

Montavar d.o.o. Beograd has a certified management system, qualified as per ISO 9001:2008 as well as the respective certificates in the field of welded constructions and equipment under pressure.

Our goal is to constantly advance the level of our services, follow and implement new achievements in welding technology, adopt new technologies for manufacturing equipment for energy production by exploitation of renewable energy sources as well as to penetrate into new markets.


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